Crypto Payment

You can buy your NFT package by scanning this QR code here.

­čö║Founder: 300.00 USD, 0.09%

­čö║Bronze: 600.00 USD, 0.20%

­čö║Silver: 1200.00 USD, 0.45%

­čö║Gold: 2400.00 USD, 1.00%

­čö║Platinum: 3600.00 USD, 1.60%

­čö║Platinum Plus: 6000.00 USD, 3.00%



Crypto Currency: Tether

Network: TRC20

Step-by-step Instructions

1.­čö║ Scan our QR code with your crypto app to access our USDT TRC20 wallet.

2.­čö║Verify that the address on our website and via QR code match exactly.

3.­čö║We accept USDT only on the TRC20 network.

­čö║NB: Please ensure your payment is made on the TRON network, or it will lead to a loss of your funds.

4.­čö║Send your USDT TRC20 payment to our wallet address. Add extra to cover fees.

5.­čö║Complete the Crypto Payment Confirmation Form below after the funds have cleared to help us track and assign your payment.

Crypto Payment Confirmation Form

Crypto Payment Confirmation Form *
Accuracy is required when completing this form
Please indicate the USDT deposit amount.
Please provide the name of the person who extended the invitation to you.
1. Should the purchase of the factory fall through we will move to plan B and that is to build a purpose built factory to suit Xanders needs 2 anyone requesting a refund will be refunded in stage 4 to 5. We look forward to changing the lives of so many people. To contact us please do so via our contact form